August 12-14, 2016
Sheraton Tampa East



  1. How can I get a ticket?
  2. All tickets may be purchased at Check out our Registration page!
  3. What is the Day Ticket?
  4. Panels, Games and Vendors/Artists areas are run during this time. The hours are from 9 AM -7 PM.
  5. What is the Weekend Pass Ticket?
  6. The Weekend Pass is good for all three days and allows entrance to all Panels and Vendors/Artists. The hours are from 9 AM -7 PM.
  7. Is there a Friday Dance Ticket?
  8. The Dance starts at 7:30 PM with Live Bands and a Rave goes from 10pm-Midnight on Friday Night. Only a limited number of attendees are allowed.
  9. Are there Concert Tickets?
  10. Friday Live Bands are included with the Friday Dance ticket. A limited number of attendees are allowed per event.
  11. What is the Saturday Evening Gala Ticket?
  12. This ticket is for the Grand Galloping Gala event that runs from 7:30 PM-Midnight on Saturday Night. A limited number of attendees are allowed. An Hors d'oeuvre Buffet is included in the ticket. Be ready to dance! And for a show!
  13. What is the VIP Ticket and why do I want one?
  14. VIP PASS includes an invitation only VIP reception with a MEET & GREET with our GUESTS on Friday Night, Priority Seating at All Panels, Shows & Dances, and RESERVED TABLE SEATING for the Saturday Grand Galloping Gala.
  15. If I don't have a VIP Ticket can I still meet/get autographs from the Guests of Honor?
  16. Yes. The Guests will be having autograph sessions each day as well as photograph sessions. Prices for autographs can range from $20 to $30 per guest. Professional photographs with the Guests range from $30 to $40.
  17. What is the Dress Code?
  18. Day time dress code is PG 13 attire or cosplay (this is a family friendly event). The dress code for the Evening Gala is semi-formal or formal attire and/or formal-cosplay: Please, no flip-flops or jeans.
  19. I heard we can get a discount. Where can I find that code?
  20. You must join our Facebook page and when we offer specials the codes will be offered there.
  21. If I lose my ticket may I still get in?
  22. Yes. A list of attendees will be available and electronic check in is possible, as long as your ticket has not been used by another individual. A photo ID will be required.
  23. If I would like to sell items or display my art at the Grand Brony Gala, how do I?
  24. If you are interested in either a table in the artist alley or a booth in the vendor room, please visit our Dealer Inquiry page!
  25. If I'm working at a booth in artist alley/vendor room will I need to buy a separate pass to get in to anything?
  26. Each Vendor Booth and Artist Table receives one complimentary Weekend Pass. Discount passes can be purchased for additional helpers. The evening events are not included.
  27. Is there any volunteer work I can do for this con?
  28. We love our volunteers. Yes, please sign up at our Volunteer page!
  29. Will I get an extra discount at the hotel?
  30. Yes, please see our Hotel Information for all details.
  31. What is the Photography Policy?
  32. You might be photographed at this convention, by attendees and/or con staff. If you don’t want to be photographed, ask the photographer not to take your photo, but neither the convention nor its attendees who take photos can be held responsible for photos of you taken at the convention.
  33. What is the Behavior Policy?
  34. Please be mindful that this is a Family Friendly event and there may be young children present as well as other guests. Anyone causing a disturbance, being rude or vulgar will be given a warning. If misbehavior continues, their wrist band or badge will be confiscated and the party will be asked to leave. No exceptions will be made.
  35. What is the Props and Weapons Policy?
  36. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the Con. Please see our Weapons Policy for all details.